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read user reviews and submit your own for kingdoms of

well, i think kingdom's of amalur is that kind of fantasy rpg that u can't really miss. it's world is absolutely astonishing, and even i haven't played for that long, the game is very solid, and is so huge that u can do whatever you like.

golden sun faq/walkthrough for game boy advance by

cast douse on the hollow pillar. move the pillar down twice, right twice, and then up twice. go up the short flight of stairs and stand in front of the water-filled pillar. cast frost . go up the longer flight of stairs. jump on the frost ed column and then jump right. go to the next room. this room is where the southern and western routes join. jump over to the middle platform. you won

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star wars battlefront faq for pc by barticle

solid circles represent soldiers and hollow circles are vehicles or turrets. the blue markers are friendlies, red marks are known enemies and a yellow mark indicates your partner. the same colours are used for player name tags and the killfeed. if you play with a party then your friends will be marked in green. a permanent solid red circle usually indicates an enemy hero and fainter red or

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journey to un'goro pre-release discussion thread

eleven new cards have been revealed today with the promise that more cards will be revealed in the coming days. there are a number of interesting taun

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okage: shadow king faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by

well, the character is a slender "young boy" of 16, with reddish hair and green eyes, who lives with his parents, grandparents, and sister in a house outside a rustic village. note. once a name is selected, the character cannot be renamed through the course of the new game. the default name is ari, used throughout this guide, but feel free to type any name you like, up to seven characters in

how are you enjoying shadow running?

i have no previous knowledge of the shadowrun products except the god awful xbox game and i have to say i'm having a lot of fun with this game, bought

chocolate chip cookie craving

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was trevor's first kill too far? spoilers

i'm not counting the prologue, i'm talking about johnny. killing a major character is fine i'm a game of thrones and breaking bad fan but it should