teak decking for boats in myanmar

lin win company

specialises in the manufacture and export of teak products ranging from boards, decking, flooring, furniture components and fully assembled furniture. lin win. export furniture and flooring. myanmar teak furniture manufacturer no.89, hnin si kone road, ahlone township, yangon, myanmar

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in need of burma teak wood from myanmar products teak sawn timber, teak wood flooring, outdoor teak decking, we in nature woods offer any possible sawmill and wood profiling services you may require.

andaman teak

the company started importing and processing high quality teak from myanmar to supply the australian and new zealand markets. once the timber has been dried to our high standards it is selected as either quarter sawn for boat decking or backsawn for furniture/fit-out use.

burmese teak lumber

main menu wood decking seven trust decking seven trust decking seven trust decking brazilian teak decking garapa decking massaranduba decking itauba decking cypress decking deck southeast asia burma, union of myanmar botanical name: tectona grandis: other names extensively used in ship and boat building for decking, rails, hatches, etc

sourcing myanmar teak

marine teak international is a company specializing in teak lumber particularly for the marine industry and has acquired an enviable reputation for supplying quality lumber and is fast becoming the preferred supplier of super yacht teak decking, margins and rails for two reasons: length and quality sourcing myanmar teak.

myanmar teak wood backyard decking boards for patio

myanmar teak decking, or burma teak wood deck, is the most beautiful, durable and popular wood decking for swimming pools, outdoor gardens and boat decks. just as its name, teak decking is made with burmese teak wood tectona grandis which is the most reputed real teak wood with its top quality.

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myanmar burma teak is the most favored wood for the ship building industries since hundreds of year ago due to its strength and endurance to the harsh surrounding conditions. we use myanmar teakwood for manufacturing various kinds of boat decking, wallings and furniture.

teak boat flooring teak deck flooring for yachts and boats

this amazing wood is teak wood, which is usually the only option for marine wood decking for yachts . or boats. teak wood, is also named as the king of wood, one of the precious and legendary hardwood . around the world. teak originates from the primeval forest in southeast asia, and teak wood from myanmar burma teak or burmese teak is of

teak deck boat design net

hi all i own a hallberg-rassy 45 and am planning to get the teak deck replaced in thailand, once we arrive there around july/august. this is myanmar teak. make sure also that the wood lines are as close as possible to each other. yes, we make a few thousand teak decks a year. mostly power-boats 17'-40', but recently quite a few larger

teak deck in thailand

teak deck in thailand it was obvious that the deck would have to be replaced before we sell the boat. thailand is renowned for quality teak decks, so we decided to bite the bullet and get the deck replaced in phuket. we went on holiday to myanmar for three weeks and left them to the messy job of removing the old teak deck and painting

clarification on the myanmar teak

the magazine stated that; a ban on virgin teak wood due to come into force on april 1, 2014 in myanmar formerly burma means that the luxury yacht industry may have to find alternatives to teak decking. superyachtnews.com has been informed that, contrary to this information, it will only be logs that will be banned from export.

plantation teak vs. burmese teak

unfortunately, the soil chemistry in these non-native locations is different enough from myanmars soil that plantation teak is inferior. industry specialty: marine featured products: teak decking featured species: teak. share: share on twitter. share on facebook. share on linkedin. share on google plus. share on pinterest.

how will a logging ban in myanmar effect the teak price

burmese teak illegal? the european union has already lifted the trade embargo against importing teak directly from myanmar, while the us has only mentioned thinking about beginning to talk about lifting the embargo. in fact, in august of 2012, congress renewed the sanction for another year. if you are a boat builder or marine

where better to source teak decking than from burma

teak decking, either renewing or new, is a growing worldwide phenomenon. there are companies prepared to fly around the world to supply that special look to any boat, but usually at prohibitive cost to the average owner.

teak decking for boats in myanmar

marine teak international is a company specializing in teak lumber particularly for the . of super yacht teak decking, margins and rails for two reasons: length and quality. . myanmar teak is recognized as the world's best quality teak timber.

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hardwood teak decking. with superior weathering resistance for outdoor use, teak wood is called king of the timber used as for decking. therefore teak decking is considered as the best hardwood decking material for outdoor projects.. c and l hardwood in china supply burmese myanmar teak hardwood outdoor decking in various dimensions to serve the builders engaged in outside landscape constructions.

ringle marine

in 2003, alastair mackay helped sail sy cordelia from new zealand to yangon for a new teak deck at myanmar shipyards. cordelias new deck job became a complete refit, and from that, ringle marine services was born.

information about teak lumber

gib mcilvain standing by teak logs. teak is used for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as interior hardwood flooring, decking, and paneling. the lumber is extremely resistant to termites and other infestations. the same properties make teak a quality lumber for the exterior of boats and yachts, as well. because teak is a hard