plastic wall paneling childrens hospital

the odd truth, sept. 27, 2003

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face transplant recipient: thanks

this was the search for a better functional and aesthetic result," said dr. guy magalon, director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at conception hospital in marseilles. he was the consultant

from croatia to ces: the story of teddy the guardian's

central hall at the international ces in las vegas can be a little overwhelming. wall-sized panels looping short clips of impossibly clear footage will dazzle you into thinking that $10,000 for a

early stem cell transplant may cure "bubble boy" disease

babies born with so-called "bubble boy" disease can often be cured with a stem cell transplant, regardless of the donor -- but early treatment is critical, a new study finds.

patients seek end-of-life talks once labeled "death panels

linda farber post, the hospital's director of bioethics, said the goal was to have all doctors, not just those treating the elderly or dying, to have such discussions with their patients.

new battlefield hospital a smash

the portable hospital, weighing just 15,000 pounds fully loaded, "can literally go from the back of a truck to 'ready to receive patients' in about 30 minutes," y-12 project manager duane bias said.

transcript: obama's health care speech

below is the full transcript as delivered of president obama's address to a joint session of congress on sept. 9, 2009, as released by the white house.

shorter boston globe: how elite hospitals rake in the

in general, a handful of hospitals -- including brigham, massachusetts general and children's hospital-- are paid 15-60 percent more than their competitors. individual procedures can cost two to

fda panel finds little use for metal-on-metal hip implants

wall street bonuses outpace minimum wage wall street employees saw their typical annual bonus slip by 17 percent last year to $153,700, according to new data from the new york state comptroller.

do cellphones cause cancer?

in september, the american society of plastic surgeons warned prospective patients to do their homework and find a board-certified surgeon, because most doctors can legally perform plastic surgery

are fat injections safe for breasts?

one, led by scott spear, md, chief of plastic surgery at georgetown university hospital in washington, d.c., is seeking 20 women, aged 20 to 50, to undergo liposuction and fat grafting to augment

how bureaucracy, bungling hurt ebola response

kenema, sierra leone --the chlorine was expired. the protective gear was missing. and the red tape was so thick that responders fighting last year's ebola outbreak had trouble getting approval for

annie le plea deal: raymond clark iii to plead guilty in

le's body was found stuffed behind a research lab wall on the day she was supposed to get married. the crime drew intense national media attention and prompted the new haven register to print a

number of kids killed by falling tvs rises

the number of children killed or injured by falling television sets appears to have risen even as more consumers replace their clunky old tvs with lighter flat screens, studies suggest.

senators take shots at bernanke

sen. christopher dodd, chairman of the panel, predicted bernanke would win confirmation. "under your leadership, the fed has taken extraordinary actions to right the economy," said dodd.

genes vs. behavior: what makes us age?

smoking, eating, and sun exposure, a new study shows. the study is published online in plastic and reconstructive surgery, the official medical journal of the american society of plastic surgeons

floyd spence dead at 73

rep. floyd spence of south carolina, who during his 30 years in congress was a staunch critic of big government but a strong advocate of increased military spending, died thursday.

autism screening and diagnosis: earlier is better

a formal diagnosis came when finn was about 17 months old, through doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia, where the family now visits every six months to check in with autism experts.

us analysts suspected taliban at hospital; doctors deny it

the hospital is within a compound surrounded by a 12-foot wall. the intelligence analysts who were gathering information about suspected taliban activity at the hospital were located in various