plastic tiles for outside parking

audi sq5 reviews, news, pictures, and video

the q5 is quite compact on the outside -- it's about as easy to park as a compact sedan -- yet there's a lot of passenger space within. nice, supportive front seats afford a great view out, with a

"gold digging" dog pretends to be a stray to get

the dog's owner caught the pup in the mcdonald's parking lot, scheming to get people to throw her food the dog's owner caught the pup in the mcdonald's parking lot, scheming to get people to throw

parking lot horror in georgia

witnesses tried to pull barnes out of his car in the restaurant parking lot. boldman-snyder says police officers finally pulled barnes out of the car - from the passenger side front door.

what's inside the all-weather nest hello video doorbell

there's a rubber or silicon gasket here around the outside to help with that. there's this pink material that's inside that fills the gaps. yeah. around some of the ics that are in it. it doesn't

checking the tech in the 2019 bmw x4

i can tap here and i get this virtual view of the car in three dimensions from outside. now first of all it's cool and 2nd of all, i really find it useful for getting in and out of tight parking

man charged with murder in nyc knife, car attack

a dispute ensued with others outside the club, and the man drove his car up onto the sidewalk and into a crowd of people before leaving the scene, nypd assistant chief david barrere said. it was

indonesia tsunami: hundreds killed after apparent eruption

he said he was confused because he did not feel an earthquake, but ran to the parking lot to try to reach his motorbike. by the time he got there, it was already flooded. by the time he got there

california camp fire update: containment, evacuations, air

the ap said evacuees were told to leave the sprawling parking lot before rain arrives in the area wednesday, but some stayed because shelters wouldn't accept residents with their pets.

flurry of suspicious devices, packages in numerous cities

police detonated a suspicious tote box and a second device that looked like an explosive monday night outside the studios of cbs affiliate ktvq-tv, the station says.

every elon musk project right now

musk successfully tested this car elevator in june outside spacex headquarters in hawthorne, roofs made entirely of solar tiles. yep, that's a thing, and they're coming, if musk has his way

"misery mountain": violence plagued west virginia prison

in a two-day meeting, officials are hearing from researchers, plastic surgeons, and women who say they've suffered a number of ailments as a result of their breast implants 6h ago the warning