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the sims 2: nightlife faq/walkthrough for pc by

first the bad new, young adult sims can only gain skills on university community lots, that means if they do something like workout on an exercise machine downtown, they wouldn't be building any skill, although they will lose weight and become more fit. fortunately, there is plenty of good news to go around. as long as a young adult is downtown, their actual time in university will cease to

the sims 2: freetime faq/walkthrough for pc by warfreak

this will allow non-fitness addicts to go jogging as well. they will normally disappear from your lot for about an hour and be represented by a little icon on their sim tab. at enthusiasm level 4: browse web about fitness this will effectively allow your sim to use the interest to browse for web sites that are related to fitness. this will further increase their enthusiasm for their hobby. at

grand theft auto: san andreas faq/walkthrough for

your fitness level which itself is a combination of the muscle and fat statistics , your haircut, any tattoos you may have, and the last car you drove all affect your sex appeal. once you finish a particular task in the game, your sex appeal will automatically be maxed. f9. luck gtasastats09 ===== in theory, luck plays a part in gambling. personally, i have never noticed an effect, but that

far cry instincts faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by

cross it and smash the planks to your left, then jump up and following the wooden bridges up and into a new tunnel. smash the planks to gain entrance to it and follow it. let the man descend down the zipline and listen in on his radio transmission. after it is over, you'll see that they now have flashlights, so hiding in the dark won't do you any good. just run and jump onto the platform ahead

rayman 2 revolution faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by

slip through the crack between the wall of barrels and stack of crates on the left side of the room. on your left you will find a pit with two lums over it 48-49 and on the right is the entrance to a hidden area. go back for another keg, and then go through this concealed door while carrying it. take the lum in the corner 50 and step onto the hovering platform when it comes to you. ride it

grand theft auto iii faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by

--- aerobic exercise ----- your character is capable of sprinting for a short distance. at first, he can get tired very easily. his muscles need an abundance of oxygen to keep them working. if he keeps exercising his intake of oxygen, he can eventually build the stamina to run a greater distance. by exercising, your character will be able to run as far as a few blocks nonstop be sure to give

resident evil outbreak faq/walkthrough for playstation 2

the crows will appear only when the survivors are in outdoor areas. besides pecking, crows can also harass the victim. this attack is annoying and hopefully you can shake off their pester as soon as possible to minimize the damage inflicted. crows can be killed easily by most weapon, but it is their agility that makes them hard to kill. thankfully their movement is a little predicable, and you

the sims: unleashed faq/strategy guide for pc by dsimpson

this frees him up to hit the exercise machine, or call a date. the maid costs §10 an hour, and has a working hours of 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, for a maximum of §70 a day. however, if she runs out of things to clean she leaves then. 3. build a smaller house, and use the extra money to buy a better bed, fridge, etc. since you will have less time to do things having no one to help you you will

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the legend of zelda: phantom hourglass zelda series

i gather it's less of a diet and more of a diet-and-exercise programme. i'm probably right ah please, trust me smith my personal favourite bodyguard, and not just because of the name, but also because he's wise, and because the suit-and-sunglasses-with-sword look makes for a really visually interesting juxtaposition. sadly, smith is not capable of physically transforming into the

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these a pretty rare, and should only be used if you absolutely need to slip past a lurking assailant, or if you need a few extra seconds head start to make it to a hide or evade point. -5. other non-support items all other items that you find it the game will be either key items such as the keys, the looking glass, or the sacred bottle , documents that give you another piece of the story

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every unique tackle in the world of backbreaker is an artistic exercise in hard hits and athletic skill. it's time to show your friends just how painful art can be. through a combination of biology and robotics research, euphoria uses the cpu power of next-generation consoles to simulate the nervous system, muscles, and biomechanics of the football players in real-time. this is the first time