how to make a privacy screem out of pallets

9 settings every samsung galaxy s7 owner should change

after going through the basic setup process of your new galaxy s7 or s7 edge, there are a few more things you should do to get the most out of the device.

how to set up email notifications in ios 1

2log out; how to set up email notifications in ios 12 . by cory bohon that email message will appear on your lock screen and notification center to alert you to the arrival of the message. how

8 windows 10 settings you should change right away

reclaim the start menu. if you're using a pc, windows 10 should automatically put you in pc mode -- with a start menu instead of a start screen, and windows instead of full-screen apps.

7 ways to take screenshots in windows 10

laptops leer en español 7 ways to take screenshots in windows 10. capture all -- or just part -- of your screen with a few keystrokes.

how to manage your notifications in windows 10

at the app's notification screen, you can tweak various options, such as whether to display banners, keep the notification private at the lock screen, show the notification in the action center

5 privacy settings you should change in windows 10

make sure your notifications aren't appearing on the lock screen. go to settings > system > notifications and actions and toggle off show notifications on the lock screen .

overscan: you're not seeing the whole picture on your tv

so to make everyone's life easier, tv manufacturers designed their sets to "overscan" the screen area. as in, they'd zoom into the image slightly. you'd lose some of the edges of the image, but

how to deploy odoo as a docker container

to make use of volumes, you need to place the file in a directory readable by your docker user we'll use /data/odoo.conf as an example . to deploy odoo, using your custom configuration file

how to make your google home hub whisper

setting up night mode. to make your google home hub quiet, open the google home app and scroll down on the home page to find your speaker. tap on it and then tap the gear icon in the upper right.

how to turn features on and off in microsoft windows 10

log out; how to turn features on and off in microsoft windows 10 from the control panel . by mark kaelin "turn windows features on or off," and you should find yourself looking at a screen

10 things to disable in windows 10

computers leer en español 10 things to disable in windows 10. these 10 default features and settings can be disabled. here's how and why you'd want to.

hp spectre x360 has instant privacy screen, 10-hour battery

hp adds privacy screen to spectre x360 13, white spectre 13 42 photos if you don't mind trading the two-in-one design for a thinner, lighter laptop, you'll want to check out the redesigned second

how to make the oscars more bearable tv guide

black panther was released a year ago, on feb. 16, 2018. soon after, on march 4, 2018, the marvel blockbuster was a key focal point of the 90th annual academy awards, with cast members ruling on

tour facebook's new privacy settings screenshots

facebook's newest privacy settings are a mixed bag, but a better one. in this tour, we show you what's new, and what to watch out for. in this tour, we show you what's new, and what to watch out for.

20 tips for windows 8.1

perhaps in recognition of all the windows 8 users who were perplexed by the start screen, microsoft has built a special help tips app into windows 8.1 to make it easier to find your way around

how to activate and use a remote desktop in windows 10

as shown in figure d, you can use this screen to make changes to authentication level, external access, and the port in the firewall you want to use for your remote connection. figure d

how to take a screenshot in any version of windows

the other option is to capture a specific window. you can do this by pressing the alt and print screen keys at the same time. you will, once again, have to open paint, paste the image, and save it.

how to secure your ubuntu 18.04 desktop installation with

although out of the box, a ubuntu desktop is going to be exponentially more secure than, say a windows desktop, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take extra steps to secure it.

how to take screenshots with windows 10 snip and sketch

known as snip and sketch, this app can take a shot of the entire screen, a rectangular section, or a freeform area that you draw. you can take an immediate screenshot or set it to snap via a timer