how to build a pvc box

build your racing rig for $20 this post shows

not 1 inch pvc, that stuff is pretty rigid, and the key is to make sure you push the pvc into those connectors tightly. i gently tap the pvc with a hammer to make sure everything is tight i

within the walls: the art of the cable run

before cutting your conduit, make sure you have measured with couplings, fittings, and junction boxes in mind. cut emt tubing with a hacksaw or bandsaw; dont use roll-type tube cutters.

diy: build a simple smartphone tripod mount

want to mount your smartphone or tablet to a tripod? sharon vaknin has a simple, affordable solution that can be built within minutes

fondant and cake boxes

in our inaugural episode of chow-to, guillermo learns how to make bun bo hue with chef jimmy ly of madame vo in new york city. bun bo hue is the second most popular traditional vietnamese soup after pho, this one originating in the city of hue in central vietnam translated to english bun means noodles, and bo means beef .

diy phone speakers that rock and a few to avoid

box this hack looks like it would work, but it doesn't. the instructions say to cut off the ends of a cardboard box, to pinch one end and staple it together so that there is just a slot for your

how to build your own steam box

how to build your own steam box valve might be taking its sweet time building a steam box, but mark finds that you can build your own living-room gaming rig for a mere £300.

how to build your own kegerator and install it in your

well, break out your tool box, because we'll show you how to build a kegerator yourself and install it in a countertop. using a simple dorm-style compact fridge 2.7 cubic feet , cnet's technical

how does plastic wrap cling?

unlike pvc plastic wrap that mix pvc with plasticizer about 30% or more , ldpe plastic wrap is 99% pure ldpe. ldpe is just pure carbon and hydrogen molecules. it is clean to make and easy to dispose.

the pc jukebox

the pc jukebox gives you instant access to your entire mp3 music collection in a beautifully detailed environment. the application was designed with oversize graphical buttons suited for a touch

new ways to get cable without an ugly cable box

the roku box, which also lets you watch netflix, amazon and other services, is smaller and slightly less unsightly than a cable box typically is. it also makes the time warner app easy to navigate.

10 things you shouldn't do when running network cable

make sure that you label appropriate cables, color-code cables, or implement some other kind of process to make it easier to identify cables later on. mistake 4: running cable in parallel with

run cable more efficiently with these tips

i can fish it out of the junction box cutout using a piece of fish-tape with a shallow hook bent on the end or with the piece of tape with the magnet on the end. with the string in hand, pulling