how to buil a roof over a on a trailer

how do i build a permanent roof for a trailer? ehow

cut 2-by-4 lumber to the proper length to form rafters. nail rafters to the beams that run along the perimeter of the trailer. cut plywood decking to the proper size and nail them to the rafters. apply tarpaper to decking, nailing it down with roofing nails if using shingles. if using metal roofing, skip to next step.

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i put down a 2x6 flat on the roof 2 on one side to take out the minimal slope and then stick framed a gable roof on top with a ridge board, not beam. i supported the ridge board with uprights to take out any tendency to spread. this building is only 10'x30' however so it's really quite trivial. a lot easier than a 75' lam. open roads forum: best way to cover slideout roofs for

the tarp is a good short term solution. but after a season they will dry rot and need to be replaced. a good longer term solution is to build a roof over it as mentioned. in florida it shouldn't need to bear the weight of snow just strong enough to handle the high winds. it will be trouble free for years and years.

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16x50 singlewide with 10x30 on front and 10x24 on back additions with flat slope on additions with 2in fall. trailer has 16in rise roof. want to roof over trailer aand additions using addition walls for jack supports on rafters. i am wondering how to lay beam down center of trailer roof. will it damage trailer roof. want to add carport to back

how do you build a roof over a mobile home?

quick answer. materials needed for the project include lumber, insulation, nails, paint, sheathing material and shingles. to begin the process, a plate is nailed along each side of the mobile home, with nails going through the existing metal roof and into the tops of the walls underneath.

how to add a pitched roof to a mobile home with existing flat

all they would need is the length of your trailer and what "pitch" you want the roof to be, to determine how many trusses you will need. the pitch is how many inches the roof goes up in one foot length.

building a new roof for a mobile home

many, many people build a roof over their mobile homes in north idaho to help with the snow load, but if i recall correctly they install the roof on posts that are imbedded in concrete. this keeps the weight off of the mobile roof and of course, saves the roof from leaks and damage.

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step 2. build the rafters on the ground and then lift them onto the roof. the rafters should be in a triangular form with an additional piece of 2 x 4 going straight up the center. the amount of rafters needed will depend upon the size of the roof. the rafters should be placed every 2-4 inches for proper support of the roof.

how 2 build a flat roof over an existing

do not attach this roof to the mobile home. recent tests in a wind tunnel show that this practice is the reason high winds usually tear off the roofs of mobile homes. use posts next to the home and attach the roof joists to them, much the same way that you would build a free standing arbor. then deck it and put a seamless cover over it.

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galvalume corrugated metal roof panels over asphalt shingles on a 28x60 mobile home. learn the basics of a mobile home roof over using 1x4 purlins with foam insulation. subscribe to be alerted to

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build a roof over an existing mobile home roof - link is faulty. single wide trailer mobile home roof mobile home exteriors mobile home repair mobile home living mobile home parks mobile home makeovers mobile home renovations remodeling mobile homes

how to install metal roof on a mobile home

lay chalk lines across the width of the roof, and over the furring strips, to mark the location of the rafters. use a drill and 3 ½ inch deck screws to secure the furring strips to the rafters. 3 use a tape measure to measure the width of the roof and add an additional 8 inches for overhang allowance.

how to build a roof for a trailer

build a roof over an existing mobile home roof. open. more information older trailers built before 1976 conform to different building codes than those 3 sep 2012 how we are putting a new roof on our old trailer to fix a pesky leak.

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added a roof to my trailer post by bonehunts wed nov 17, 2010 3:09 pm after 10 years of sweating and getting rained on, i finally got a roof put on this week.

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building a shed roof after building the frame of the utility shed, you need to continue the outdoor project by fitting the rafters and installing the asphalt shingles. there are many ways you can get the job done, but in this article we show you the easiest method.

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make a collar tie for each pair of rafters. you will attach this to the rafter boards near the peak of the roof on the inside. the collar tie will make the rafters stable. measure the distance between the rafters near the top and cut this distance out of lumber. attach the collar tie to the rafters to secure them.

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i built a roof over my 16 ft. trailer in the u.p. a few years back and i made my own trusses big mistake it took us longer to build them than to put the rest of the roof up.i tried to build it in a weekend and found myself putting the tar paper on after it got dark and had to go back to put the rolled roofing on.although it was another excuse

putting a new roof on an older mobile home

putting a new roof on an older mobile home is a great way to prevent or stop any leaks, enhance the look of the unit and make it easier to cool and heat. we have done many such projects and each one has presented its own little challenges.

metal roof over single wide trailer, can it be done

to build an extensive roof system over a mobile home is a waste of money, imho. slap a sheet of edm rubber over it, screw it down on the sides, and throw some old tires on top to keep it from flapping. looks redneck as heck, but it would work. then concentrate on building a real house, and take a chop saw to the trailer when you're done.

how to build a roof over a porch on a trailer

fastening a patio roof to the house - hometips . aug 8, 2018 expert advice on how to build an outdoor patio roof or gazebo, with best to attach the ledger for a patio roof just below the house's eaves.

building a mobile home roof

a mobile home roof then is built basically the same way you would raise a roof on a wooden frame structure. begin building your roof by starting at each end. build the frame using the 2-by-6 rafters and a 2-by-10 top stringer. you will need several top stringers, but you should begin with the ending frames first.

diy mobile home roof over options with how-to instructions

how to roof over your mobile home. step 1 assess the damages. if youre not sure whether your mobile home needs a roof over, there are some common signs you should be looking for. you can tell a roof is damaged from the inside of your mobile home.