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fyi - i have also used wd-40 in a pinch to put on chew spots on the wood, it has kept them from chewing in those spots also. for your young one, he might be teething. some people put out a big pine tree log for the horses to chew on instead of chewing the fences.

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that could also be why hes chewing the fence he may be board. its pritty much imposible to stop him chewing the fence unless you ether put crib ox all over the fences or put a run of electric fencing around the top both very expensive methord chewing the wood wount harm him

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horses kept in stalls or paddocks, secluded from other horses, or fed mostly concentrates without enough fodder to keep them chewing over a long period of time may become bored and chew fences for something to do.

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some horses just absolutely love to chew wood. and since youre making this investment to protect your horses we wanted to take a moment to talk about ways to solve this common problem. add metal fence caps. the fence post is the part of the fence that horses have the easiest time reaching. often, you can prevent a dedicated fence-chewer from

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vinyl fencing is just not attractive to horses with those habits, and doesnt provide the rewards that wood fencing does for horses. cribbing and wood chewing are common problems both of these bad habits are thought to be compulsive behaviors in horses, but the causes of cribbing and wood chewing arent thoroughly understood.

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electric pasture fencing for horses. electric pasture fencing is a quick, inexpensive way to contain horses and to make existing fences safer and longer lasting. a mild shock of the electric pasture fence provides an effective deterrent to keep horses from chewing on, rubbing against, or pushing through pasture fencing.

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wood chewing in horses wood chewing can be an annoying and destructive behavior in horses. understanding why horses chew wood and incorporating strategic management practices into your routine can help eliminate the problem. researchers have documented an increased incidence of wood chewing in cold, wet weather jackson et al., 1994 . equine and horse advice: stop wood chewing

a couple of years ago, i had a problem with one of my horses chewing the wood in my pole barn. especially the support posts in the center. i covered the posts with an inexpensive piece of brown indoor/outdoor carpet from seven trust.

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wood chewing in horses occurs when horses chew various types of wood in their surroundings. horses may chew on wood in their stable, fencing, or trees. hay and pasture may vary in the content of fiber and it is shown that if horses are not getting enough fiber in your diet they may choose to chew wood.

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wood chewing is when a horse gnaws wood fences, feeders, stall walls, or posts. this is destructive to facilities and the horse can suffer colic from eating wood splinters. this is destructive to facilities and the horse can suffer colic from eating wood splinters.

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chew stop helps stop wood chewing and cribbing habits in horses. one treatment repels horses with a red hot cinnamon taste. chew stop can be sprayed on: fences; corrals; stalls; mangers; gates; posts; will not stain or discolor painted surfaces. will also protect tree bark, will keep horses from chewing blankets and bandages.

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our equine nutrition expert offers advice to keep horses from chewing on barn wood and fenceposts. if the horse is turned out about 14 hrs a day on good pasture and still chooses to eat the fence?

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hello, my 2 younger horses and chewing my wooden fences pretty bad. and now i have just built a brand new wooden shelter i can see the future of what they will do to it ..

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wood chewing can be a frustrating and costly problem for many horse owners, especially if the horse chews fences, stall walls, posts, and other wood objects in the environment. although some authorities see wood chewing as simply a bad habit, others see it as a stereotypy.

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the pasture is an acre or two, and she is turned out with 2 other horses who also chew the fence a little, where there's chewy wood, some horses chew. period.

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since wood chewing is not the same as cribbing, metal strips along the wooden edges of doors and stall windows will stop a horse from chewing. electric fencing if your horse is chewing on a fence in the paddock or field just add some electric fencing along the top.

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studies have shown that horses are more likely to gnaw on wood during wet, cold weather, perhaps because of an instinctive urge for more roughage as temperatures fall. providing more forage to horses in cold, wet weather can keep them from chewing on your wooden fences.

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to understand why a horse chews wood, it is first important to understand the difference between cribbing, wood sucking, and wood chewing. cribbing, by definition, is when the horse grabs a solid surface stall wall, barn wall, fence, etc with its teeth, arches its neck, and sucks in air.

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there is a better, safer way to protect wood fences is to cover the posts, poles or boards--cover them with small-mesh chicken wire.horses cant chew through it, and its unpleasant on their teeth so they quit trying to chew the wood beneath it.

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rigid fencing is a physical barrier only, which does not stop horses from leaning, pacing or running the fence, or chewing or cribbing on the fence. wood, vinyl and pipe fences are also the most expensive and labor-intensive to install.

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hi, i was wondering if anyone has wrapped something like chicken wire or rabbit hutch type wire around their wood fences to protect from horses chewing. if you have and it worked, do you wrap it around each plank individually or just wrap it around the whole fence around bottom to top.

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some horses like to chew wood and can damage wood fencing. wood fencing needs frequent maintenance to keep it in repair and to prolong its life. wood fencing needs frequent maintenance to keep it in repair and to prolong its life.