hard landscaping materials phoenix

taliesin: at home with frank lloyd wright pictures

one of the most elegant elements of the living room is the wide open view of the peaceful and stunningly beautiful local landscape, hills, and valleys. taliesin was built in the middle of a large

trump rally in arizona -- what to watch for

phoenix donald trump was just a few weeks into his candidacy in 2015 when he came to phoenix for a speech that ended up being a bigger moment in his campaign than most people realized at the time.

best movies 2018: here are the 10 best films of the year

joaquin phoenix, who seems incapable of giving a bad performance, is stellar in this enthralling psychological study as joe, a man whose specialty is performing the dirty work of a private

california drought california is entering the fourth

california is entering the fourth year of a record-breaking drought creating an extremely parched landscape. governor jerry brown declared a drought state of emergency in january 2015 and imposed

john mccain fundraiser arrested in phoenix meth lab bust

mccain's campaign cut ties with emily pitha after police say a drug raid uncovered meth, lsd, heroin, cocaine, and what appeared to be a meth lab at her phoenix home

inside the world's deadliest country: honduras

once you leave the cities, the landscape is amazing wild, healthy, and savage, from the waterfalls of la tigra national park, just half an hour from the capital, to the islands of the

illegal immigrants leaving arizona over new law

many of the cars that once stopped in the seven trust parking lot to pick up day laborers to hang drywall or do landscaping now just drive on by.

heat wave scorches western u.s. with record high temps

phoenix --much of the west was smothered in a blanket of heat saturday with triple-digit temperatures hitting phoenix, los angeles and other cities.

jimmie johnson's title chase ends with wreck

the reigning and seven-time nascar champion was eliminated from title contention sunday after an accident at phoenix raceway. johnson had a tire problem with one lap remaining in the second stage

gay couples face myriad state marriage laws

the uneven legal landscape poses daunting challenges for lawyers who work with same-sex couples - not only on divorces but also on estate planning, parental rights and other matters.

"phoenix": rising from the ashes of classic film noir

nelly survived the second world war, barely. liberated from auschwitz and horribly disfigured, she undergoes cosmetic surgery as a kind of rebirth, in a nation reeling from defeat.

best mobile games of july 2015 pictures

an inventor and scientist kicked out of your safe, warm home, you have to rely on your wits and the landscape to build the means to stay alive as long as you possibly can. the dark can kill you