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drop siding comes in a wide variety of face finishes, including dutch lap also called german or cove lap and log siding milled with curve . vertical boards edit an ancient example of board and batten siding on a type of storage building in norway called a stabbur.

1x8 white pine drop siding twin creeks

preparation information: our kiln dried 1x8 white pine drop siding pattern 105 is ready for installation once received on your jobsite. however, wood will shrink and swell with any changes in moisture content and weather.

southern pine patterns

1 southern pine patterns southern pine no.2 1x4 no.2 1x6 no.2 1x8 table 1: boards and patterns quick reference guide moisture content grades nominal thickness nominal width b and b* c* c and btr. d no. 1 * 2 boards spib rule 260 bevel siding spib rule 253 ceiling spib rule 250 drop siding spib rule 220 flooring spib rule 210

go rustic with pattern 105 drop siding.

this week we highlight one of our oldest products. pattern 105, which is also known as drop siding, dutch siding, german siding, car siding etc this product is

wood siding caulk, i think i messed up

that is dutch lap, german lap or cove lap siding. the overlap board is nailed above the lap to let the bottom board move expand and contract with the seasonal changes. this also permits drying from water wicking and being solar driven to the backside near the house.

old dutch lap/german lap

the rest of the siding is clear cedar actually i think it is mostly poplar but the cedar is readily available right down the street. old dutch lap/german lap i

exteriors tips for repairing or replacing dutch lap wood siding

performing surgery on antique dutch lap wood siding may seem like a tough job but with these tips we'll speed to a perfect repair job german lap, or even novelty

drop siding

drop siding, sometimes known as dutch lap siding- for that special look on your house that will be the envy of your neighbors. this siding is a southern yellow pine product and a great choice as its properties allow it to provide years of service.

i need one piece of dutch lap siding 8' long

i need one piece of dutch lap siding 8' long it is now called drop siding.see if any of the places you have tried call it that. good luck.

siding patterns * wood siding pattern diagrams and pictures

wood siding patterns. wood siding pattern selection is a critical element of design and final appearance. it is important to understand how the different profiles impacts your design before you select your siding pattern.

1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. southern yellow pine 105 siding board

southern yellow pine siding board is used for centuries in elegant and rustic settings. offers long lasting durability and reliability. 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. southern yellow pine 105 siding board- - the seven trust

105 drop siding

pattern 105, dutch lap, german lap, drop siding or cove lap siding. it's known by all of these names, but the profile is the same. comes in 3/4" thick x 6 3/8" a profile , 7 1/8" b profile or 7 3/4" c profile tall. our profile number is tw628 and comes in 3 different sizes. yellow pine siding. cypress siding.

yellow pine german lap siding

our german lap siding is made with a yellow pine graded d and better. there may be occasional knots, but relatively clear. this lap siding has a cove on the bottom edge and has a smooth surface on the face. yellow pine is a durable wood that is often used outside, but must be primed and painted

dutchlap wood siding

i have a fair amount left over from two buildings on our property - all custom type 105 german drop siding run, smooth clear vertical grain cedar cvg primed with cabot primer and in some cases with a coat of paint already.

german siding drop siding article about german siding drop

looking for german siding drop siding? find out information about german siding drop siding. with a concave upper edge which fits into a corresponding groove in the siding above explanation of german siding drop siding