figure material a shadow box fence

china remembers quake with flowers, anger

that figure, released in an apparent response to public pressure, showed 5,335 students were killed in the quake - although parents and activists say the number is too low.

almost 200 arrests in nyc as occupy wall street marks

cbs/ap new york occupy wall street protesters celebrated the movement's anniversary monday by clogging intersections in the city's financial district, marching to the beat of drums that were

more android material design drop shadow woes

william j. francis lists pain points he faces when working with the android material design framework's drop shadows. and yet, he's still a fan of the spec.

almost 200 arrests in nyc as occupy wall street marks

last year, hundreds of protesters camped out for weeks across from the city's ferry building, a popular tourist attraction. in oakland, a metal fence now surrounds the city hall lawn that was the

middle-earth: shadow of mordor

middle-earth: shadow of mordor is a very fun game. the combat is addicting and balanced, allowing you to feel at times invincible and at other times completely overwhelmed.

federal inmate, fiancée charged with taxiing escaped

atlanta -- a federal inmate and his fiancée ran an "inmate taxi service," ferrying inmates to restaurants, hotels and homes and returning them to the prison, authorities said thursday.

android lollipop material design trick offers a more

learn how to work around a caveat when using elevation from the android 5.0 material design spec to create a shadow effect. in android 5.0 one of the key concepts from the material design spec is

the murder game

watch the murder game - season 1, episode 6 - episode 6: meryl chooses nick in her last will and testament, making it nick's second time as the lead investigator. at chief bob's

read user reviews and submit your own for mystic river

a mid-tempo and ominous thrill ride, overcast from beginning to end by a shadow of dark things to come. also, one of the best acting ensembles i've seen. clint eastwood is the man, and mystic river is just another sparkling example.

darth sidious/sheev palpatine super respect thread

within the chair's shadow sat another shadow: deeper, darker, formless and impenetrable, an abyssal umbra so profound that it drained light from the room around it. and from the city. and the planet.

clash on gaza border tests cease-fire

a palestinian roadside bomb ripped through an israeli military jeep patrolling the border with gaza on tuesday, killing one soldier and wounding three in a sudden flare-up of violence on the eve

gambit character

gambit is then put on trial for his crimes, with a mysterious figure in a mask serving as judge, the x-men serving as jury, and warren worthington serving as gambit's defense. here gambit admits