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the stainless steel deckmaster hidden deck bracket system should be used in any location where corrosion is known to be a problem. coastal areas that experience salt spray and fog, or chlorinated water around pools and spas, and boat docks are a natural application for the stainless steel deckmaster hidden deck bracket system.

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it happened that the deck featured in the article wasn't far away, so i arranged a visit. well, it squeaked and moved, too, but the owners didn't seem to mind." that experience led leavens to invent the deckmaster, a track system that he began to use in his own business in about 1989. that was a fertile time for the hidden-fastener industry.

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with the deckmaster system, the deck board is securely double screwed from underneath with the 22 1/2" deckmaster fastener creating a strong sturdy smooth deck surface to walk on and enjoy. when using the deckmaster fastening system, all fasteners are hidden beneath the deckboards.

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designed to complement seven trust decking, cortex is a hidden fastening solution for perimeter boards and stairs. combine it with concealoc for main decking areas to enjoy a complete fastener-free surface on your entire deck.

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some hidden fasteners are installed on the bottom of the deck boards. this is a problem for decks that are high in the air or low to the ground. 8 / 12.

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deckmaster hidden deck fastening system eliminates screws and nails from the surface of a deck, thus prolonging the life of a deck and adding to safety. deckmaster hidden fastener system


deckmaster is a family-owned company located in gaithersburg, maryland. it all began in 1998 when jose ugalde realized after working for a few different deck companies that there was a much better and safer way to perform deck cleaning services. he created deckmaster and began doing things his own way. the results were incredible.

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grabber's deckmaster fastening system is designed to hide all fasteners beneath the deckboards making the deck stronger and more durable. with deckmaster no moisture can enter deckboards or joists

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deckmaster is a hidden deck fastening system which was designed by weston leavens, a professional deck builder, who wanted to give his customers a quality fastening system that enhanced not only the look of the deck, but last years longer than conventional decks.

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deckmaster under-mount hidden fasteners grabbers deckmaster fastening system is designed to hide all fasteners beneath your deck boards making your deck stronger and more durable. these fasteners are installed under your deck so you need to have working room under your deck to be able to use this system.

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deckmaster fasteners. deckmaster is a patented fastening system that eliminates the damage to deck boards caused by other fastening systems. screwing or nailing through the top of the deck boards is not only unsightly, but also allows the wood to crack, warp, split, rot, stain, pop up and become a possible hazard to bare feet.

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hidden fasteners can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, ipe or other exotic hardwood material. many manufactured decking materials offer deck boards that are sold with a grooved edge for use with hidden fasteners.

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hidden deck fastener spacing options for all types of decking our innovative sizes of invisi-fast hidden deck fasteners give you the flexibility you need to properly space all types of decks. sizes include 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" or no spacer allowing you to gap the deckboards. for more information, click here.


deckmaster hidden deck fastening systems provide a strong, secure connection and clean look that will last. the original deckmaster bracket system mounts underneath deck boards and to the sides of the joists leaving no exposed screws that can deteriorate from exposure to moisture.

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we discovered weston while looking at general contractors, but what impressed us about weston was the fact that he had designed the deckmaster hidden fastener system and he knew more about decks than anyone i had met in my whole life. he seemed authentic, honest, factual and straightforward.

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when using the deckmaster fastening system, all fasteners are hidden beneath the deckboards. there is no surface penetration of the deckboards or joists. no moisture can enter deckboards or joists and cause nail or screw pop-ups or deck rot.