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while there is a lot of human activity present in the outdoors, your patio floors and other outside surfaces face danger from another source: nature. weather can often be very detrimental to surfaces like wood and asphalt. lesser materials simply do not function as well as outdoor rubber flooring in open-air environments for a couple of reasons.

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flagstone patio prices: the cost of a flagstone patio varies widely depending on your location, the amount of flagstone needed, as well as the type and color of flagstone. you can expect to pay between $15 and $30 dollars per square foot. because flagstone is expensive, many homeowners choose to use it in conjunction with other materials such as

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this oversized green-and-white checkerboard patio is the perfect canvas for the red handprints that adorn the outer edge, adding to the fun and retro feel of the backyard. boulders a stone pathway lined with boulders creates a natural walkway down to a seating area adorned with several rocking chairs a peaceful setting to enjoy the nearby river.

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dig it, stain it, and it's done in a weekend. the finished patio which we built in a long weekend for about $250 established an outdoor room that has become our favorite spot for alfresco dining. it makes an inviting rug for garden furniture and holds up beautifully to heavy foot traffic.

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cheapest way to build a patio. concrete is an excellent long term investment for a patio surface. it will out perform the above mentioned surfaces ten times over. the cost upfront is more $$ but in the long run , it is more cost efficient and low in the maintenance catagory. link to a colored concrete patio

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the stones have a smooth surface which is a result of natural weathering. landscaping and decorative options. this is a cost effective and affordable material which offers many opportunities as you will see in the gallery for pea gravel patio ideas. it is installed quickly and easily and does not require the effort, labor and investment of a

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try these easy ideas to make your outdoor space look fantastic. search. gravel is a much more affordable surface than paving. simple and cheap way to bring a pretty glow to a patio and beyond.

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so is availability: local stones blend in with the surrounding environment and don't cost as much as harder-to-find materials that have to be shipped. safety and surface texture. think about what the patio will be used for and who will use it when looking at materials.

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5 patio materials by cost, durability, popular patio materials and the cheapest material you can use to build a hard-surface patio. and design ideas.

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cost comparison of concrete slabs and pavers. typically, you will pay 10%-15% more if you choose paving stones over standard concrete slabs. if you decide to upgrade to stamped concrete, paving stones will most likely cost you the same or even less in most cases. while a concrete slab is more affordable upfront, the long-term costs for repairs and/or

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a gravel patio is inexpensive, quick to install and super diy-friendly. gravel comes in a range of sizes and in two basic varieties: river rock or crushed stone. gravel can be poured into any area bound by landscape edging.

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get your yard ready for summer shindigs with these diy pathway and patio ideas only the style of your patio but also its cost, whether you can build it yourself