companies with best growth opportunities for accountants

smb tech budgets: 10 biggest priorities for 2019

finance and accounting software is the most budgets for tech product by smbs, with 54% of companies planning to invest in it. capterra, 2018 capterra, 2018

3 mistakes tech companies make retaining women

the only way to fix the gender diversity gap is to make conditions better for women to apply and stay. a diverse workplace doesn't only benefit women, but the organization as a whole, romansky said.

where the jobs are: america's pot industry

lawyers, software engineers, accountants, geneticists and a host of people with other types of advanced degrees and transferable skills now work in the cannabis industry or for firms serving

returning companies' overseas cash: no tonic for u.s. jobs

for many companies, returning money to shareholders is the right policy, said gene neavin, a portfolio manager at federated investors, the mutual fund company. its provided the best

report directly to the ceo to boost your it

a cios role is to help the company improve productivity and profitability through technology, and in most companies the best opportunities to do this are within the operations staff and

87% of companies will add workers this year, despite rise

the business growth brought to companies by automation results in a demand for more talent to handle such growth, the report added. "the focus on robots eliminating jobs is distracting us from the

despite digital growth, 25% of smbs still track finances

with so many small businesses in need of accounting assistants, some 54% of companies are allocating their funds towards digital financial and accounting software. the other top tech investments

10 challenges facing it

the growth of cloud computing and mobile technology will require more attention and resources. managers will be faced with the tough decisions of how best to meet existing budget needs while still

why data scientists need to understand the business

at the 2018 grace hopper celebration, angela zutavern of alixpartners spoke with techrepublic's alison denisco rayome about how data scientists can provide the most value for their companies.

the 9 jobs with the highest growth in pay

companies are hiring financial analysts to assess investment opportunities as well as to analyze financial results and provide market research. their pay rose 5 percent this year, reaching $71,550

11 best jobs for 2017 offer high pay, good growth

glassdoor's 11 best jobs for 2017 include high pay, plenty of job openings key industries offer an excellent combination of high pay, employee satisfaction and job opportunities news

sprint, nextel agree to $35 billion merger

best products. versus ; best headphones; best laptops companies' assets are aligned with the most promising growth areas of the telecommunications business, creating a template for his vision

5 ways cloud accounting increases financial efficiency and

most cloud-based, accounting solution providers have strong security measures in place that go well beyond what the average company is capable of or can afford to implement. multiple studies

the 5 most important tech job trends for 2018

job growth in tech, healthcare, and labor-intensive roles innovations in tech will drive job creation in 2018, in both tech and traditionally non-tech industries, chamberlain said.

the five fastest-growing jobs

so jobs with both a high rate of growth and many openings offer the best opportunity." the five fastest growing jobs. 1. home health aides and personal and home care aides . percent growth through

the 6 most in-demand ai jobs, and how to get them

and a recent capgemini report found that 83% of companies using ai say the technology is already adding jobs. a lot of that growth is coming from the technology itself.

will your company grow itself to death?

improvement and innovation are growth alternatives, and both will likely lead to smart growth opportunities. the mid-sized companies i researched said when they're in a high growth phase, they

marijuana jobs: how to get a job in the cannabis industry

then there's all the other functions that support a business: software engineers, accountants, sales reps. "every one of those companies needs an accountant and an executive assistant.

7 solid stock picks for 2018

but more than that, under founder, chairman and ceo jeff bezos, it reflects a new innovatively growth-oriented american company that's blazing a trail of efficiency and expansion that cuts across