common deck board lengths

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skate 2 is at its best when it affords you the freedom to perform whichever tricks you want to in pursuit of a high score or, as is the case in photo shoots, to adhere to fairly loose guidelines.

three ships, 300 years of royal navy history pictures

our tour of the national museum of the royal navy in portsmouth, england, begins with the hms victory. thanks to centuries of tireless maintenance and restoration, the stunning ship looks brand new.

the 9 best upcoming vr games

with the soon-approaching launches of oculus vr, playstation vr, and the htc vive, so too comes the release of a batch of new games developed specifically for vr platforms.

dean ford

his peabody award-winning cnn series "parts unknown" showed viewers the one common ingredient to the kaleidoscopic cultures of the earth: meats, fish, veggies, breads, spices, sauces and alcohol

ray donovan

in the season finale, ray settles his final scores and revisits the past with his father. the donovans clean up their mess. smitty gets a crash course in what it means to be a part of the family.

mr.wizard's world

holding the deck behind him, he produces the card she chose. atari computer - mr. wizard puts a special cartridge into a computer so that tanis can use the screen as a palette to create artwork

tv shows premiere dates 2019-2020 tv guide

psychological crime drama centered on a brilliant but self-destructive detective, who has more in common with the criminals he hunts than he would like to think. latest updates luther season 5 has

i can't win

my highest recommendation is to choose a deck that you both are comfortable playing and that can reasonably and believably win some matches, and stick to that deck. keep playing with that deck for awhile, tweaking the sideboard and maindeck a bit as you go. you should quickly pick up on how it's supposed to play out.

ferry captain's acts "murderous": south korean president

seoul, south korea --south korean president park geun-hye says the captain and some crew members of the sunken ferry committed "unforgivable, murderous acts" in the disaster that left more than

nation's 10 most dangerous jobs

not only is logging the most dangerous profession in america, , the second most common cause of death at work is violence, accounting for 767 deaths in 2012. getting hit, crushed or caught in

10 things you shouldn't do when running network cable

this includes verifying length and cable specifications matched to needs. if you need 1 gbps transmission speeds, verify that the cable's properties will support that need.