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in many cases, using our charred wood instead of painted/stained wood siding, or another siding material can actually be significantly cheaper over the long run. with traditional painted siding, you have the cost of the siding, installation costs, paint and painting costs, and then repainting again every 10 or so years.

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charred wood siding. are the products of an ancient technique that makes a unique, beautiful, and durable exterior wood product. the essential idea is to burn the surface of wood to a varying degree of char.

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charred wood siding and fencing are the products of an ancient japanese technique that makes a unique, beautiful, and durable exterior wood product. the japanese invented this technique centuries ago, calling it shou sugi ban, or yakisugi.

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at blackwood, we char wood lovingly by hand in the japanese tradition of shou sugi ban, or yakisugi. located in the the addington highlands of ontario, canada, we work with our clients to create custom charred siding for exterior and interior walls and ceilings. we ship canada wide.

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the real reason for all the excitement over charred wood siding is that it is simply beautiful. there's an ethereal quality to the charcoaled wood. its silvery surface transforms with the changing light.

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charred wood, which is often referred to as shou-sugi-ban or burnt wood, is an ancient japanese technique that preserves wood by carefully exposing it to a heat treatment. although its first use is unknown, burned wood could be found in the construction of homes as exterior siding, flooring and fences as early as the 1700s.

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charwood siding and trim please view our charwood siding and trim photo gallery. charwood is a japanese style of charred wood called shou-sugi-ban - a process of finishing siding that dates back hundreds of years.

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the black siding and paneling commonly seen on modern projects in north america and europe is inspired by traditional japanese heat-treated wood siding called yakisugi. in the west the vernacular is shou-sugi-ban, but this is a mis-reading of the word , correctly read as yakisugi-ita.


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charred wood is a metallic finish designed to look like japanese-style shou sugi ban siding while providing the durability and longevity of a metal wall panel system. this finish is perfect for architecturally demanding projects in the residential, commercial, or interior sectors.

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make a bold statement on your next indoor accent wall project by choosing this ufp-edge charred wood shiplap pine board. easy to install. ufp-edge 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. charred wood shiplap pine board 4-pack - - the

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shou sugi ban burnt wood exterior cladding is naturally made and very durable. burnt wood siding; a simple checklist for home buyers - visual clues that can

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this technique to give wood siding fire resistance has some beautiful qualities. charred wood siding - shou sugi ban matt risinger. risinger homes in austin, tx. category people and blogs

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"the soot house: conjuring the ghosts of old new england on spruce head in maine annie quigley october a detail of the charred-wood siding." "style and create falling in love with the soot house in new england through remodelista" "charred exterior home" "another example of charred-wood which i like for the garage doors and maybe front door "

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shou sugi ban - custom charred wood siding and paneling fsc certified doug fir exterior siding and interior paneling charred with a japanese technique called shou sugi ban, which preserves the wood making it durable and long lasting * choose the level of char and wire brushing to suit your needs * available widths: 4" - 8" wide thickness: 3/4"

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a house with burnt wood siding is a sight to behold charred wood makes facades shine with noble silvery-black glow. however, both the final color and grain depend on the level of roasting. heavily burnt surfaces are black with bluish tint and have a crocodile skin texture; that is exactly the type favored by the japanese designers.

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today cedar plenty used in home construction industry and in commercial buildings. because of the rich amber hue and even texture of wood grain, conveys charred cedar siding a warm, inviting look to any structure.

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the charred wood is long-lasting and hauntingly beautiful. and now charred wood for siding and flooring is widely available for domestic use. above: lumber retailers of late have begun to specialize in shou sugi ban.

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whether it's an expression of sophistication with a feature wall, or low maintenance siding for the outdoors, we are devoted to delivering the absolute best charred wood products. our team continues to work with architects, interior designers, home and business owners to realize truly stimulating charred wood designs for a bold style

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charred wood siding is more bug/pest resistant than normal wood. termites and other pests hate the layer of char, and it deters them from trying to eat into or make their homes in your siding or fencing.

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anyone have experience with using charred wood as siding on their home? to get professionals to guarantee work on siding like this you will pay at least 3x or

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however, shou-sugi-ban siding has its own unique weathering pattern check out these pictures below. the charred bits can physically wear off over time, revealing the wood underneath the surface. heavily charred walls are quite delicate and they need to be treated with care. anything that rubs against the surface can damage the finish.

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what is board and batten siding? board and batten is a style in which siding is installed on your home. it is available in a lot of different materials even if wood siding is a very common type of material that is used for it.

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the charred wood trend is still burning strong. the latest example: this single story home in the czech republic that looks like the ideal modern cabin in the woods. jan vrabec built by atelier