biodegradable plastic production process

bio-on hopes its bioplastics will replace metal, too q and a

making components from plastic can mean easier manufacturing and lower weight, the company argues. and its process is flexible enough to substitute for a wide variety of plastics -- polyethylene

why the u.k. is eyeing a ban on wet wipes

the department is also in the process of exploring how extra charges or tax system changes could help reduce consumption of single-use plastics. in january, prime minister theresa may vowed to

start-up novomer uses co2 to make biodegradable plastics

culture start-up novomer uses co2 to make biodegradable plastics. talk about an abundant feedstock. novomer gets funding to commercialize plastics made from carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

fujitsu's 'corn' pc

though it's biodegradable on the outside, on the inside, it's a normal pc. fujitsu sells the corn-based pc for the same price as a regular plastic-encased pc, despite a more expensive

the green police: exactly what message was. . . . .

back when we started having plastic bags available in grocery stores the cost of paper bags was skyrocketing. when i worked in a grocery, the cost of the standard 1/6 bushel bag was rising from 5

the power of pond scum

set amid cornfields and cow pastures in eastern holland is a shallow pool that is rapidly turning green with algae, harvested for animal feed, skin treatments, biodegradable plastics - and with

dutch giant dsm invests in plastics start-up

there are a number of companies investing in new techniques for making biodegradable plastics or making plastics from plant material, like corn starch.

plastic goods for your compost heap

a biotech firm and agricultural giant adm plan to sell the biodegradable plastic for eco-conscious consumers next year. photos: natural plastics for eco-conscious consumers

piling up: drowning in a sea of plastic

some larger facilities, like sunil bagaria's, have decided to process the contaminated plastic themselves. "earlier we were making money by selling it to china.

how recycled plastic for 3d printing will drive

the protoprint team recycles hdpe plastic, which is used to make water bottles and other common items, since it is abundantly available and non-biodegradable. protoprint is using plastic waste to

clean power sees first win over fossil fuels in emerging

it's like def fluid for diesel motors, used to remove nox emissions from diesel exhaust, but it's produced from natural gas and shipped in non-biodegradable plastic containers. on top of europe

how 4 universities are using 3d printing to create ears

their answer was the integrated tissue and organ printing system itop , which deposits biodegradable, plastic-like materials to form the tissue's shape, and water-based gels that contain the

wood turned into a clear material stronger than glass

it may not be as easy to make as glass, but it's less, dense, stronger, better at insulating, and more biodegradable than plastic. the material is clear wood, and it could be used for everything

environmentally-friendly bioplastic created from shrimp

over 300 million tons of plastic is produced annually, and only about 3 percent of it gets recycled. the rest is simply trashed, taking centuries to degrade, or left adrift in the ocean. an

10 industries 3d printing will disrupt or decimate

mass production is the biggest challenge in 3d printing, but with the adoption of large-scale printers and rapidly evolving technology to produce parts faster, the printers will completely disrupt

plastic goods for your compost heap

tech industry plastic goods for your compost heap. a biotech firm and agricultural giant adm plan to sell the biodegradable plastic for eco-conscious consumers next year.

guilt-free plastic for composting in your yard

in the last few years cereplast has produced a biodegradable paper cup, for example, that forgoes the typical petroleum-based resin coating in favor of plastic resin made of cornstarch.

plastic growing in corn fields

a durable 'natural' plastic made from corn rather than petroleum is ready for commercial production and use in items from clothing to food containers.