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brick and tile veneer lightweight composite architectural precast concrete panels thinshell thin brick and tile that is bonded to lightweight composite architectural precast concrete panels. versashell - gfrc rainscreen panel system. gfrc elements that are installed over a barrier wall to provide a rainscreen wall system. handset natural stone

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precast concrete wall systems allow a wide variety of colors, finishes and architectural shapes. precast concrete can be used in environments that allow the use of conventional cast-in-place concrete. in addition, precast concrete may be made in a controlled environment and erected in an environment that would not allow site casting of concrete.

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these wall panel systems feature solid precast walls in typical thickness of 6" or greater may be loadbearing or non-loadbearing. reveals, articulation, decorative accents, and mix design s are available to meet design requirements.

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precast wall / pier caps, finishes precast florida. architectural accents made of precast concrete standard profiles or custom made, polyurethane, and foam

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architectural precast architects love to design buildings with design elements such as precast concrete window panels and sills, beams, wall panel details, decorative concrete blocks, precast concrete moldings, walls, wall systems, and retaining walls.

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precast concrete wall systems can be comprised of a variety of shapes, and wall types. typically, precast concrete wall systems fall into three basic categories: solid, sandwich and thin-shell.

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architectural precast concrete walls in buildings. discussed herein are the va rious shapes and sizes of wall panels, major design considerations, and when loadbearing or shear wall units should be the first design choice. the role of connections, shear walls, and the use of precast concrete as fo rms fo r cast-in-place concrete is

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ulma architectural solutions is an expert in polymer concrete precast for drainage channels, facade systems, windowsills and copings.

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architectural precast can increase the life and value of a building, but doing so in a way that limits the environmental impact through green building practices. the inherent versatility of architectural precast helps provide solutions for many design challenges. unlimited colors, shapes, and sizes are available to you.

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architectural precast concrete building systems architectural precast concrete panels by smith-midland corporation can be utilized in multiple building applications. since 1982, our architectural precast concrete products have been utilized for high-rise multi-family housing, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, retail and more.

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precast wall systems can be used with both steel and cast-in-place structural systems. they work seamlessly with a wide range of other building materials, enabling easy incorporation of brick, tile, stone, and glazing systems into a single, elegant, expressive facade that will stand the test of time.

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architectural precast. olympus in-house mold making department is dedicated to the creation of masterfully built molds to meet the unique needs of your project.

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architectural precast wall panels can be made with virtually any finish you can imagine. the product can be structural or can act as cladding on a precast or steel structure. architectural precast wall panels can be insulated or solid depending on the specified use.

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slenderwall architectural cladding panels. slenderwall is a high performance, thermal and fire code compliant, astm e119 fire tested, architectural precast composite cladding system. reduce structural costs and on-site trades with the only envelope system that combines the proven technologies: architectural precast concrete, pva fiber and

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it is the only wall system that combines these time-tested, proven design components to create an integrated exterior wall system weighing about two-thirds less than conventional architectural precast or brick.

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however, some systems like precast concrete wall panels, factory built, provide wall elements that are practical perfect barriers. for example, architectural precast concrete can be considered watertight, as can glazing, and roof membranes.

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slenderwall is a proprietary exterior cladding wall system with superb design flexibility. our architectural precast concrete/steel-stud building panels offer limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes.

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total precast concrete building systems are becoming a popular choice for many construction projects. architectural and structural precast, prestressed concrete components can be combined to create the entire building.

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engineered to be better. the first new precast concrete retaining wall solution in almost two decades. we have engineered a unique wall system designed to handle any application with a faster install time.

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about aps. aps is a manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete products. the strength of aps is in the experience and qualifications of its management and employees, its high technology plant, and superior quality control.

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aftecs precast concrete fences are the perfect application for most fence wall projects. unlike traditional production methods, precast concrete saves production time and is the superior solution for longevity and long term value.

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the decision to utilize gate's architectural precast high performance wall system was the solution to maintaining the design goals and the budget. st. joseph regional medical . cityplace uptown station. this unique trolley turntable accommodates the use of unidirectional trolleys and is a focal point for the junction between two city streets.

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architectural wall panels architectural precast is a flexible option for exterior cladding. durable and versatile, architectural precast wall panels may be load bearing or non-load bearing and are capable of many different color, shape, and texture combinations including brick and stone.

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architectural facades. precast concrete can be veneered with other traditional building materials such as brick, granite, limestone, terra cotta, tile and more to provide the perfect finish for a project. with spancrete's diverse selection of decorative finishes, textures and colors, the sky's the limit.

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architectural precast concrete panels by metal stud crete are lighter weight and greener when fabricated with recycled steel and locally extracted materials on site, or in a precast concrete panel plant close to your project. this time-saving architectural concrete wall construction process can be specified in any concrete color or texture.